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Office Cleaning Service:

1. Office Desk: The typical desk has 100x more germs than the average kitchen; 10 million bacteria
2. Keyboard, Chair, and Computer Mouse harbors approximately 21,000 germs per square inch
3. Elevator Buttons, especially the first floor/ lobby button, harbors the most germs and bacteria
4. Bathrooms: with fecal toxins on nearly every surface, the bathroom is one of the germiest places.

Because your organization is unique in its function and operations, so should be your cleaning service. One size fits all does not work.  Every office should be carefully dusted and wiped and provided with floor maintenance, thorough restroom cleaning, and trash removal.  Some offices have areas, such as conference rooms and lobbies, that are not frequently used and other areas that have a high volume of traffic.  MKC will customize a cleaning regimen based on your workspace, your needs, and budget.  We will be attentive to your needs to ensure everything, especially what matters most to you, is consistently met with every clean.

As a manager, you should find that taking the duties of cleaning away from your staff and hiring an office cleaning company is something that would help a lot. It would allow them to focus on the job they are hired to do, rather than the things that they are not actually knowledgeable.

Office Cleaning - Retail & Restaurant - Daycare Cleaning - Medical Facilities - Fitness Gyms
Retail and Restaurant Cleaning:

The customer’s first impression of your products, services, and overall brand appearance can be either beneficial or detrimental to your business.  They quickly judge the quality of your business by the appearance and smell of your facility, especially your restrooms.  Attention to detail is imperative.

Environments where customers come in direct contact with common areas, provide a host of surfaces where illness-causing germs can linger and spread.  This increases the risk of transmission to other staff members or customers who come in contact with them.  Poor hand washing by staff and customers can easily spread the germs from restrooms to other areas such as products, checkout counters, and common surfaces. Computers, terminals, counters, door handles, telephones, and other high touch surfaces contain the most germs.

Identifying and properly sanitizing these commonly contaminated areas with a thorough cleaning plan provides a safer environment for customers, while also helping to minimize workplace illness and employee absenteeism.

MasterKey Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to retail stores, restaurants, banks, car dealerships, shopping centers, hospitality, and other customer facing businesses.  Our cleaning regimen will not only make your business look clean and smell clean, but your facility will actually be cleaner and a healthier place for everyone.

Office Cleaning - Retail & Restaurant - Daycare Cleaning - Medical Facilities - Fitness Gyms
Daycare Cleaning:

Environmental Cleaning:
Schools, daycares, and other childcare facilities harbor millions of different germs.  The MKC cleaning program will help keep your faculty and students safe.
The cafeteria table has been found to be one of the germiest places in the school environment.  In addition to the cafeteria table, some of the most contaminated surfaces in schools and daycare centers are found on the:
Computer keyboard and mouse
Bathroom door handle and fixtures
Water fountains
Sink and Faucets

1. Children three years old and younger put something in their mouth over 80 times per hour
2. 80% of germs are spread via high touch surfaces such as door knobs and tables
3. The flu virus can survive on surfaces for 72 hours and viruses that can lead to diarrhea last 2-4 months

MasterKey Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to preschools, daycare centers, various childcare facilities, and other educational premises.  Our cleaning regimen will not only make your organization look clean and smell clean, but your facility will actually be cleaner and a healthier place to learn and play.

Office Cleaning - Retail & Restaurant - Daycare Cleaning - Medical Facilities - Fitness Gyms
Medical Facilities

At MKC, we are constantly staying up to date with Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) prevention by partnering with healthcare professionals and agencies.  We do that by regularly increasing our knowledge base through research and innovation, and by continuing to create advanced aseptic techniques in healthcare cleaning.
Environmental Cleaning:
Healthcare associated infections affect two million people each year, but a third of these cases are preventable with the implementation of a proper infection control plan.  The MKC mission is to provide your patients,
visitors, and staff with a clean environment. With efficient and effective surface hygienics, reduce the spread of healthcare facility based infections.
We maintain a clean and sanitized environment by removing germs and bacteria that contaminate fixture and equipment surfaces.  The MKC cleaning regimen helps to minimize the transmission of germs and infections from patient to patient, from patient and staff, and from patients to visitors.

The MKC Healthcare Service:
MKC uses an aseptic cleaning plan when providing services to healthcare and medical facilities. Our team undergoes the proper training and education on critical cleaning and disinfecting protocol and uses personal protective equipment when working in areas that may contain surfaces contaminated with infectious microorganisms.  Our team always utilizes hospital grade products and solutions to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces.  We take a top down approach when cleaning and disinfecting, starting with the highest surface and working our way down until all pertinent area is cleaned.

The aseptic cleaning plan is the core of the MKC process, with enhanced effectiveness due to the use of our advanced cleaning measurements and technology including:
1. Color coding system to avoid cross contamination
2. The use of microfiber in all cleaning cloths and mops to ensure soil containment and removal
3. Flat mopping to improve soil containment and to eliminate excess water use with our no drip methods
4. Hospital grade solutions are used in all our cleaning products
vacuuming technology
The MKC Healthcare Team Training:

As part of the MKC training and qualification process, all MasterKey Cleaning team members go through required classroom instruction combined with hands on education in a healthcare environment.  The qualification process prepares our team and equips them with the knowledge to be professional healthcare service providers who understand how aseptic cleaning reduces the risk of healthcare acquired infections.  
The MasterKey Guarantee:

Because the germs and bacteria that contaminate an office can not be seen with the naked eye, we must find another way to prove that our cleaning efforts are effective in removing these unwanted threats.  We utilize an ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) surface detection to prove that we go beyond the routine clean to remove unseen biological contamination.

Office Cleaning - Retail & Restaurant - Daycare Cleaning - Medical Facilities - Fitness Gyms
Fitness Gym Cleaning Service

Warm, moist areas are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs.  Because people spend time in your facility to become or remain healthy, it’s important to consistently and thoroughly clean it to reduce the spread of germs.  Areas such as shower stalls, saunas, and locker rooms require special attention because they are ideal places for germs and bacteria to thrive.  As patrons dedicate precious time to their health and working out, they may be fighting off various bacteria that can cause illness.

Many members use disinfectant wipes and sprays on the treadmills and other cardio machines, but other high touch equipment 
is left neglected.  MasterKey Cleaning offers specialized cleaning services to fitness centers, health clubs, spas, gyms, and other related facilities.  With our tailored cleaning regimen your business will not only look and smell clean, it will actually be a clean and a healthy place to get fit.

Office Cleaning - Retail & Restaurant - Daycare Cleaning - Medical Facilities - Fitness Gyms